TriOrbit Network

The TriOrbit network was founded and is maintained solely by me: Leonard Wass, aka Mr Len. I have a lot of interests, a lot of thoughts and a lot of projects; as well as a lot of websites and social network accounts!

Digital Marketing Solutions

TriOrbit Productions has offered web design & development services, web hosting and domains since 2002. TriOrbit promotes solutions for business and branding for web design and development, as well as social media and online marketing.

Privacy and Freedom Solutions

FreedomWorkshop is a blog dedicated to promoting and preserving a free and open Internet. It covers Internet security and privacy issues and promotes ideas, tools, resources and movements that protect and preserve free speech, privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of information.

Topics and Categories: Email Privacy

PromoterHost is a news and entertainment blog that’s grounded in reality and has been set up to freely promote any person, blog, company or product that provides value, while not impeding on the rights and freedoms of others. In short, PromoterHost is basically a lefty-free zone.

PromoterHost Web Hosting has been a huge fan of ResellersPanel since 2005.  PromoterHost promotes ResellerPanel exclusively as the best web host reseller provider that also offers a free 30 day trial for web hosting  accounts. is the personal blog of Leonard Wass, founder of the TriOrbit network. The website contains the opinions, ideas, rants and thoughts of Mr Len; as well as holiday videos, project videos and anything else Mr Len is up to, that might interest family, friends or guests of any TriOrbit network websites.

Amazing Health Solutions is a bog dedicated to the promotion of a healthy life.  It covers subjects such as exercise, health and remedies.

newezone is a blog dedicated to web development, web design, online marketing, eCommerce and general online entrepreneurship. It places an emphasis on tutorials, howto’s and reviews of different software’s, tools and services to do with web development, design and marketing. It’s basically a behind the scenes club for online entrepreneurs.

Alex Jones Videos is a website dedicated to promoting Alex Jones videos, since the big tech giants teamed up and conspired to silence his voice. I’m not saying I agree with everything Alex Jones has to say, but I don’t agree he should be silenced. I’ve been listening to and watching Alex  pretty much since he started, so I like to keep up with the info war. If nothing else, this website was created for myself, so I can quickly find out what Alex has been up to. It contains links and feeds to all the latest news and info Alex provides.

ScuzzBuzz is a website dedicated to entertainment and celebrities.